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What is Netintelligence?

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Last updated: 23 Aug, 2017
Article ID: 299
Last updated: 23 Aug, 2017
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Posted: 12 Mar, 2014
by --
Updated: 23 Aug, 2017
by Andrew Sharrad

Netintelligence is an internet parental control designed to help parents monitor and if required, restrict their children's Internet activity. It allows you to:

  • Determine which types of web sites you do and do not want your family to visit.
  • Keep an eye on the length of time spent on the computer by your family and what they are doing.

The following list shows the type of websites that are blocked by default. The categories can be added or removed for each user account. Gaming websites can also be added to the blocked list, but is not enabled as default.

Adult - includes Pornography, Nudity, Sexuality, Art Nudes, Naturism, Adult Goods, Dating and Personals, Adult Games, some lingerie and swimwear (if appropriate) and other subject areas to which minors' access should be restricted.

Gambling - Including commercial sites and tipping/information sites, casinos, bookmakers, and other online gambling and betting sites.

Threats - Includes Hacking, Cracking, Phishing, Proxies and Redirectors, Virus Creation, Warez, and any threats not included under other categories.

Drugs - Includes advocacy, instructional, and supply sites and associated literature.

Hate - Includes Aggression, Violence, Terrorism, some weapons, Gore, promotion of Hate, Intolerance, Prejudice or Lawlessness.

Gaming - Includes Coin-op Games, Online Games, Game-playing Groups, Puzzles, Gaming Resources, Role-playing Games, Video Games etc.

Note: Netintelligence is already installed on your PC or notebook, it is very easy to set up and use. To gain the full benifits of Netintelligence it is recommended to have separate Windows user accounts for adults and for children.

Setting up your Netintelligence Account                                            

  1. Visit the Netintelligence Account Setup website by either clicking on the Ni logo    on the desktop or by using the Start menu as shown below.

  Fig 2. ‘Start Menu’

  1.  You should now see the screen shown below.

      Fig 3. Control Panel

  1. Enter a username for your Netintelligence account; this can be anything you want, but needs to be needs to be between 5 and 30 characters long.
  2. Enter a password for your Netintelligence account. Your password should be something that you can remember and between 5 and 15 characters long.
  3. Enter your chosen password in the 'Confirm Password' field also.
  4. Enter the Activation Key (You will have been supplied with a sheet of A4 paper with a Netintelligence Activation Key on it), making sure that you enter the activation key exactly as you see it.
  5. Enter your email address, if you have one. An email address is not required, but it is useful if you require assistance later.
  6. Click the 'Create account' button and a confirmation window will pop up.

Your Netintelligence account is now set up, it is pre-configured with a default set of rules you do not need to do any other configuration, unless you want to make changes.

Full details on how to use and configure Netintelligence can be found by clicking on the following link

Please Note: You will not be able to 'surf' the Internet using Google Chrome as it is not compatible with Netintelligence. Google Chrome should not be installed on your PC / notebook.

Applies to:

  • Stone Home User systems running Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8/8.1
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Article ID: 299
Last updated: 23 Aug, 2017
Revision: 6
Views: 4604
Posted: 12 Mar, 2014 by --
Updated: 23 Aug, 2017 by Andrew Sharrad
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