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Anti-virus and Online Safety
Internet Security
Having some form of Internet Security Software (such as Anti-Virus) to protect you and your computer or notebook is a necessity. Windows 7 Windows 7 has security software already installed called Windows Defender, this is NOT an Anti-Virus program but an Anti-Spyware program which runs...
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Preventing Accidental Purchases on Android Based Devices
Problem In-app purchases running up large bills on the Google play store. It is not always easy to spot an in-app purchase that charges you real money rather than in-game points or credits. If you are not careful, it is easy to spend hundreds or even thousands of pounds without realising...
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What is Netintelligence?
Netintelligence is an internet parental control designed to help parents monitor and if required, restrict their children's Internet activity. It allows you to: Determine which types of web sites you do and do not want your family to visit. Keep an eye on the length of time spent on the...
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