Is my Stone PC 64-bit compatible? What are the benefits?

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Last updated: 24 Aug, 2017
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Posted: 28 Mar, 2013
by Andrew Sharrad
Updated: 24 Aug, 2017
by Andrew Sharrad

All current Stone PC systems (with exception of some netbook and tablet products) are 64-bit Windows capable. 64-bit capable systems allow a 64-bit version of Windows to address more memory, whereas traditional 32-bit systems were limited to 4GB of memory. If your system has more than 4GB of memory you will need to be running 64-bit Windows to take advantage of this increased capacity.

Note: Intel Atom based desktop products (as well as Atom based netbooks) are also only suported under 32-bit Windows, meaning that they cannot make use of more then 4GB of system memory.

Applies to:

  • All desktop, laptop, netbook and tablet products.
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