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Previously Available SCCM Driver Packs for Stone PCs and Notebooks

Previous Version Still Available Download

Article retirement: As of 14/4/15, the content has been retired and replaced with an updated version. This article will be removed in the future.

SCCM Driver Packs for most current models of Stone system are now available for immediate donwload from the Stone Driver Finder.

Use the Stone Driver finder to locate packs that you need or use the list below.

  • BOAMOT-443 (H61M-P31/W8 - MS-7788) - Windows 7 x86 x64
  • BOAMOT-452 (H61I-E35 V2/W8) - Windows 7 x86 x64
  • BOAMOT-463 (B85M-E) - Windows 7 x86 x64
  • BOAMOT-464 (H81M-P33) - Windows 7 x86 x64
  • BOAMOT-467 (CS-B) - Windows 7 x86 x64
  • BOAMOT-470 (Q87T) - Windows 7 x86 x64
  • BOAMOT-471 (H81T) - Windows 7 x86 x64
  • NOTCHA-256 / NOTCHA-257 (NT310 with Ivybridge CPU) - Windows 7 x86 x64
  • NOTCHA-256 / NOTCHA-257 (NT310 with older Sandybridge CPU) - Windows 7 x86 x64
  • NOTCHA-258 (N120) - Windows 7 x86 x64
  • NOTCHA-260 (NT310-H) - Windows 7 x86 x64 (includes Intel 6235/7260 WLAN Driver)
  • Alternative Wireless Driver for all Stone Notebook / AIO systems fitted with the Intel 7260 Range x86 x64

Available on Request

If you need packages for a model not listed below or on the driver finder, please contact Stone support or your account manager, as these may be available on request.

Package Notes

For SCCM system identification, the WIN32_Computer System Product string to locate your Stone system through an SCCM task is "OEGStone". 

The WMI Query "WMIC ComputerSystem GET Model" will return the motherboard model as referenced by the package name, for example B85M-E.

Packages are available in two types - driver collections and raw driver packages which contain INF based drivers. Raw driver packages contain a text note showing which INF files need to be imported.

Applies to:

  • Stone Branded Desktop and Laptop products