Stone SCCM Drivers and Resources
Previously Available SCCM Driver Packs for Stone PCs and Notebooks
Previous Version Still Available Download Article retirement: As of 14/4/15, the content has been retired and replaced with an updated version. This article will be removed in the future. SCCM Driver Packs for most current models of Stone system are now available for immediate donwload...
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Updated SCCM, WDS or MDT Driver Packs for Stone PCs, NUCs, Notebooks and Tablets
Available to Download from the Driver Finder SCCM / WDS / MDT Driver Packs for most current models of Stone systems are now available for immediate download from the Stone Driver Finder. Attached is a summary of the models that are currently supported. The summary includes links to the...
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Working with Windows Image Files (WIM) - How to Mount Them and Add Drivers
WIM Files Windows Image File are used to store boot-up images (for example, images that run Windows Setup from CD or USB, or Network Boot), Windows PE (again, from CD, USB or Network boot) or entire operating system images. Example: Most bootable media - CD drives and USB drives - will...
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