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MSI H81M-P33 - BOAMOT-464 - How to Enable Wake from Sleep (S3 state) using USB or PS/2 Devices

USB Wake from Sleep

By default, systems that include the MSI H81M-P33 motherboard and were produced before 16/1/2014 will not wake from sleep using a USB or PS/2 keyboard or mouse. To wake the system from the S3 Sleep State (STR), you need to use the system's power button.

Systems produced on 16/1/2014 or later have this functionality enabled in the factory.

If you want to configure the system to wake using USB or PS/2 devices, BIOS settings must be changed and jumpers on the motherboard must be moved.

Tip: If you are a Stone customer and require USB wake functionality to be enabled by default on future systems please talk to your account manager.


Motherboard Jumpers

  • Shut down the PC and disconnect the AC mains
  • Remove the PC lid
  • Locate the JUSB_PW1 and JUSB_PW2 jumpers.

  • Move the jumpers from the "disabled" position (pins 1-2) to the "enabled" position (pins 2-3) on JUSB_PW1 and JUSB_PW2.

  • This means that JUSB_PW1 (behind the CPU, near the VGA port) jumper should be in the right hand position when looked at from the main ATX power connector side of the board.
  • JUSB_PW2 (near the PCI Express x1 slot) jumper should be in the front position, when looked at from the main ATX power connector side of the board.

Note: The instructions above replace those in the motherboard manual which do not correctly show jumpers fitted in the "enabled" position. When you remove the jumper from the "disabled" position you must refit it in the "enabled" position - this is not clear in the motherboard manual.

BIOS Settings

  • Reconnect the AC mains and turn on the system.
  • Enter the BIOS by using the DEL key immediately from power-on.
  • Enter the Settings menu.

  • Enter the Advanced menu.

  • Then go into the Wake Up Event Setup menu.

  • Enable wake on USB and/or PS/2 as required.

  • Press F10 to save and exit the BIOS.

Note 1: As of 16/1/2014, the available BIOS flash file for this motherboard now enables this functionality. This file can be downloaded here or here. The jumpers still need to be configured on systems produced before 16/1/2014.

Note 2: This issue is not related to Wake on LAN (WOL) functionality.

Applies to:

  • BOAMOT-464 - Stone / MSI H81M-P33