How to Manually Activate Volume License versions of Office 2010

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Last updated: 02 Jul, 2013
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Posted: 02 Jul, 2013
by Andrew Sharrad
Updated: 02 Jul, 2013
by Andrew Sharrad


Volume license version of Microsoft Office 2010 may not prompt for a product key during installation. These products do however require to be activated within a grace period, normally 25 days.

Activation Methods

Office 2010 Volume license editions can be activated either using a KMS server, with an Office 2010 KMS key installed into the activation server, or by using a MAK key. This article covers MAK key installation which is more suited for small to medium sized organisations.

How to use the MAK key

Step 1.

  • Login to your Microsoft licensing portal and download the MAK key. If you do not have a MAK key available you may need to use OEM or retail keys and OEM/retail media. This media always prompts for a key during installation whereas volume license media does not.

Step 2.

  • Install the Office 2010 product with the correct options that you wish to deploy.

Step 3.

  • Open one of the Office 2010 programs such as Microsoft Word.
  • Click on File, then Help. Notice the activation status on the right hand side.


  • Click on Change Product key
  • Type in the MAK key
  • You will then be asked to confirm the installation options. If you change the installed features, you may be prompted for the installation media again
  • Setup will re-process the installed features which will take a few minutes
  • You can then use the installation or use it for image capture/deployment.


Note: KMS Activation will be covered by a seperate article.


Applies to:

  • Systems using Microsoft Office 2010 volume license media and MAK activation keys.

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