SysInfo Tool Introduction And System Event Log Troubleshooting Guide for Intel Servers

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Posted: 20 Aug, 2014
by Andrew Sharrad
Updated: 28 Nov, 2016
by Andrew Sharrad


The SysInfo tool (System Information Retrieve Utility) is a utility available for most S2400 and S2600 systems. It records the hardware SEL Log but additionally lots of other useful diagnostic information.

When trying to debug an issue, it is usually easiest to retrieve the basic SEL log. If this does not reveal the cause of the problem - and you definitely have a hardware problem, for example the system warning does not show a solid green indication - then you may need to use the Sysinfo tool to gather additional information.

Download the SysInfo tool from the motherboard or Server systems download page.

For example:

S2600 Family - Tool is available here.

SysInfo Tool Instructions


  • As per the standard Windows SELViewer tool, download the tool package and extract it to a folder on the system.
  • Again, as per the standard SELViewer tool instructions, using an Administrative command prompt, Install the IPMI driver.
  • Go into the Sysinfo folder.
  • Run sysinfo.exe –ni
  • This will generate two or three files which need to be sent to Stone support
    • Sysinfo_log.txt, RAID_NVRAMlog.txt and PCI_log.txt in some versions of Sysinfo
    • A seperate Logfiles directory in other versions of Sysinfo
    • (Sort by date and time to find the folder thats been created, or files created)


  • As per the normal SELVIEWER instructions, download and extract the tool package, and then copy the contents of the  UEFI_sysinfo_Vxxx to a folder with a short, simple name on your USB pen drive.
  • Plug the pen drive into the server
  • Reboot into the BIOS (using the F2 key to go into the BIOS during POST)
  • Go to the Boot Manager screen
  • Boot into the Internal EFI Shell
  • Type in fs0: and then Enter to go to the pen drive
  • Type in CD <short folder name>
  • Type in  sysinfo.efi –ni
  • This will generate three files which need to be sent to Stone support - sysinfo_log.txt, RAID_NVRAMlog.txt and PCI_log.txt.

Note: The Sysinfo tool may take several minutes to generate the diagnostic files.

System Event Log Troubleshooting Guide

Intel have made available a guide to help interpret Selviewer and Sysinfo information. The guide is available here, or attached.

This guide allows you to decode the hexadecimal information of events recorded in the Sysinfo log to determine, for example, a problem sensor or reading.

Applies to:

  • Desktop and Server systems that support SEL storage and retrieval.

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