I need to plug a VGA monitor into my Stone PC System but cant find the 15-pin port that I need. What do I do?

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Last updated: 24 Aug, 2017
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Posted: 27 Mar, 2013
by Andrew Sharrad
Updated: 24 Aug, 2017
by Andrew Sharrad

Most Stone PCs come equiped with a range of output ports, depending on model.

The 15-pin VGA port is slowly being replaced in favour of more modern alternatives, such as DVI, Display Port, and HDMI. If your Stone system includesa Blue DVI port (DVI-I), then this can be adapted to provide an 15-pin VGA port using the DVI to VGA adapter included in your manual pack.

Systems that include a white DVI port only (DVI-D) usually cannot be adapted to provide a 15-pin VGA output.

Note: The Intel DQ67SW and DQ77MK are example motherboards that do not include the 15-pin VGA port but do however include the Blue DVI port which can have the adapter fitted.

Applies to:

  • All Stone desktop products fitted with an analogue capable DVI port (DVI-I)
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