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Stonebook Pro / Stonebook Lite - Airplane Mode Not Working, or Keeps Switching Off and On


You are using Windows 10 on your Stonebook Pro or Stonebook Lite and the Airplane mode functionality is not working. You are unable to switch on or off Airplane mode. Additionally, Airplane mode may keep on switching between showing as connected or turned off, and your wireless network connection may not be reliably available.


If you have downloaded the Windows 10 x64 Airplane mode driver from our Driver Finder before 24/8/16, you may have the wrong version installed.


Please uninstall your existing Airplane mode software, download the updated version and install it. The new version can either be downloaded from the Driver Finder, or here.

  • The correct Airplane mode driver is version and the download is just less than 4MB in size.


Please Note: If you upgrade from Windows 8.x to Windows 10, you will also need to uninstall the old Airplane mode driver and install the specific Windows 10 version above.

Applies to:

  • Stonebook Pro P10A (n24_25ju) - NOTCHA-277
  • Stonebook Pro P11A (n24_25ju) - NOTCHA-278
  • Stonebook Lite L10A (n24_25ju) - NOTCHA-276
  • Stonebook Lite L11A (n24_25ju) - NOTCHA-280