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Technical Product Specifications (TPS) for Common Intel Server Boards and Systems

Technical Product Specification Documents

Intel produce these TPS documents for each family of server or workstation motherboard. Use these documents to:

  • Identify supported families or versions of processors.
  • Find out supported memory configurations and DIMM population instructions.
  • Determine the controller or type of SATA ports available.
  • Find out the configuration of PCI Express Slots.
  • Get details about all connections, headers and jumpers.
  • Locate and use diagnostic LEDs.


Note 1: Intel server boards often have slightly different names for the number of LAN ports that they have. For example, the S2400GP2 has two LAN ports, and the S2400GP4 has four LAN ports, and they both belong to the S2400GP Family, for which you can use the S2400GP Technical Product Specification document.

Note 2: Always check the Intel web site for updated documents.

Intel Server Systems

Intel Server Systems include Intel server or workstation motherboards. The second part of the Intel Server System model code indicates which motherboard is fitted. For example, the R2000GZ series of Intel Server system indicates that it includes an S2600GZ motherboard. The R2000GZ series includes different 2U models with different drive bay configurations.

Spares / Accessories List and Configuration Guide for Server Systems

These guides are available for Intel Server systems to allow research into the spare parts and accessories that are available for that model family.

S2600GZ / GL - R1000GZ/GL Server System and R2000GZ/GL Server System - Spares / Accessories List and Configuration Guide

S2600WT - R1000WT Server System and R2000WT Server System - Spares / Accessories List and Configuration Guide

Applies to:

  • Stone / Intel Xeon Servers and Workstations