Stone Computers Knowledgebase

How to Search the Knowledgebase for Stone Product Codes

01 Sep, 2018

The Stone Knowledgebase uses a text index to enable you to search for content. The standard search allows you to search for keywords or article text, with an advanced search option available so that you can restrict search to just keywords, for example.

Stone product codes are made up of numbers and letters, for example, BOAMOT-464. The Knowledgebase interprets this as two words separated by a hyphen.

This means that in order to search the Knowledgebase for a specific Stone product code, you need to enclose the product code in quotation marks.

For example:

  • NOTCHA-260 - search for "NOTCHA-260"
  • BOAMOT-464 - search for "BOAMOT-464"