How do I deploy Intel vPro AMT (Active Management Technology) functionality?

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Last updated: 14 Oct, 2013
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Posted: 09 May, 2013
by Paul Watkins
Updated: 14 Oct, 2013
by Andrew Sharrad

Intel vPro Functionality

Please see the attached setup and configuration guide for Intel vPro technology. This getting started guide includes AMT configuration to enable remote control features such as KVM.

Applies to:

  • Intel chipset based motherboards (such as the Q67, Q77 and Q87 chipset) and Intel processor combinations which support Intel vPro technology, such as most Core i5 and Core i7 multiplier locked models.

(Core i7 processors which have unlocked multipliers, such as the i7-3770K do not feature Intel vPro technology)

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item vpro-setup-and-configuration-guide-for-intel-vpro-technology-based-pcs.pdf (6.6 mb) Download

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