Stone N120 Netbook - Wireless Network not found, Poor Signal or Intermittent Connection

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Last updated: 08 Jan, 2020
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Posted: 10 Mar, 2014
by Robin Williams
Updated: 08 Jan, 2020
by Andrew Sharrad


There is a software issue that customers may experience on the Stone N120 Netbook whilst running Windows 7 that may cause the following symptoms:

  • Wireless networks may be completely unavailable.
  • If wireless networks are visible, the signal strength may seem to be very poor.
  • Any wireless networks that are visible are only intermittently available, as if the wireless radio is constantly being switched off and on.


This problem is caused by an incorrect version of the Hotkey software. If the Windows 8 version of the Hotkey software is used in Windows 7, the wireless card may not function correctly.


  • Uninstall the Hotkey software from Control Panel > Programs and Features.
  • Download and Install the Windows 7 version of the Hotkey software (version 7.00.33) from the Stone Driver Finder or here.


Note: If you are having problems with the wireless system whilst logging onto a Windows / Active Directory domain, for example with group policies not being applied, or messages regarding servers not being available to authenticate usernames or passwords, please see the attached article for a solution.

Applies to:

  • Stone N120 Netbooks running Windows 7 (NOTCHA-258)

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