How to Recover Windows to the factory state

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Posted: 05 Apr, 2013
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Updated: 04 Jul, 2013
by Andrew Sharrad

System Recovery Partition

Stone PCs and Notebooks come with a built in recovery partition which can be used to recover Windows to the factory defaults.

Please Note: This facility is only available if the recovery partition was not removed as part of a customers software deployment process. For example, a customer imaging process that removes all partitions will remove the ability to recover the system back to the factory state.

Recovery Process

You need to make sure any personal data is backed up to an external device before running the recovery, as using this procedure will erase all user data from the hard drive.


  • If a notebook system is to be recovered, ensure that the AC charger is plugged in.
  • Shut the system down if it is not already off.
  • Turn the system on and when the Stone splash screen appears during the startup process immediately start tapping F8.
  • You will be presented with a screen that says Advanced Boot Options. Make sure Repair your computer is highlighted and select enter.
  • Select the keyboard layout to United Kingdom then select Next.
  • Either enter in your windows username and password, or select the Admin account (if available) and select Next.
  • Click on the Stone Group Ltd factory reset tool.
  • Select Restore System.
  • Let the recovery process complete. This will take several minutes.
Note: Ensure that all user data, such as documents, settings and favorites are backed up to an external device or location before using the recovery procedure.
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