How to change the DMI information on a Stone NT303 or NT307 Notebook

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Last updated: 24 Aug, 2017
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Posted: 15 Nov, 2013
by Andrew Sharrad
Updated: 24 Aug, 2017
by Andrew Sharrad

Changing DMI Strings

Some of the DMI strings in the Intel desktop board BIOSes can be changed using the utilty attached to this article. To run the utility, you will need a Windows 98SE bootable USB pen drive.

  1. Make the USB pen drive bootable.
  2. Extract the utility to the pen drive.
  3. Boot the system from the pen drive (use the F10 option to get the boot menu).
  4. Run DMI.BAT

The following strings will be prompted for:

  • System serial number (this should be the serial number on the Stone serial number sticker).
  • Bay Number (normally this is not used; Stone systems may have a QC tracking number here).
  • Chassis Asset Tag (this should be used for the end-customer asset tag number).

?This DMI utility will also program "OEGStone" into the BIOS as a manufacturer string.

Applies to:

  • Stone / Clevo notebook model NT303 or NT307
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