Dothill Storage Systems

Connecting to a Dothill Storage System' Management Interface

Connecting to the Management Interface

You will need the following to connect to the management interface of a Dothill Storage system:

If your PC is not on the same IP address subnet as the controller, you will need to configure your system to have an IP address on the same IP network - for example, if the controllers are on their default IP addresses, you would have to configure your PC to be on, assuming that that IP address is available.

When you have everything ready: Open up the web interface and use the browser to go to either management interface IP address and use the username and password to administer the system. If you can't reach the web interface, try pinging a controller's IP address to verify connectivity.

Dothill Controller Defaults
Default Controller A IP Address (upper controller)
Default Controller B IP Address (lower controller)
Subnet Mask
Default Gateway
Default administrator username manage
Default administrator password !manage

Note: If you have a dual controller system, the system will show an enclosure fault if either of the controller's management ports is not connected to the network.

Best Practices

DO: Always change the controller password from the default; use a secure password.
DO: Use a separate management network, either separated physically, by VLAN, or at least by subnet.
DO: Always record the updated username/password and IP address information on your IP address and passwords lists, which should be printed in case of a systems failure, and be held in a secure location.
DO: Always record the updated username/password and IP address information on your IP address and passwords lists, which should be printed in case of a systems failure, and be held in a secure location.
DO: In the event of a problem with the system, always download a Log Bundle which can be used for troubleshooting. To do this, from the web interface click on "Tools" and then "Save Logs". Answer any questions if prompted and then download the log bundle.

DON'T: Ignore errors or warning reports. Please seek technical support from Stone Support.
DON'T: In the event of a disk failure, don't attempt to re-use the disk or "force it online".
DON'T: Use desktop drives in storage systems.
DON'T: Connect your controller's management interfaces into your iSCSI storage network (SAN data network). Your SAN network should have the iSCSI ports for the storage and network cards used for iSCSI traffic on your hosts only.

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Rebuilding a Virtual Disk (VDISK) on a Dothill Storage RAID Array

Rebuilding a VDISK

When a defective drive has been replaced in a Dothill system, the user must check that the RAID array has been rebuilt. To do this, the user should login to the web management interface and confirm that the rebuild is in progress, or has completed. When the rebuild is complete, the VDISK should no longer be listed as "Degraded".

If the VDISK is listed as degraded and there is no rebuild job in progress, a manual rebuild may be required.


As in most RAID systems, the easiest way to rebuild a VDISK, or virtual drive, is to nominate the newly fitted replacement disk as a spare drive.

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Dothill Manuals for the 2002 Series SAN Storage System

Dothill Manuals for the 2002 Series

Attached are the key Dothill manuals for many popular Dothill systems sold between 2009 and 2013.

The guide covers the 2002 series which includes the 2322 and 2332 (both iSCSI), 2522 and 2532 (SAS), and finally the 2722 and 2732 models (Fibre Channel).

For more document downloads direct from Dothill follow this link.

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Dothill Web Interface Inaccessible or Not Responding

Problems Connecting to the Dothill Web Interface

This article deals with two common problems when accessing older Dothill storage systems.

Problem 1 - Troubleshooting Browser Compatibility Issues

  1. Ensure your browser proxy settings are is turned off - you are almost certainly trying to connect to an IP address on your LAN and should not use the proxy. See here for more connectivity troubleshooting.
  2. Try Chrome instead of Internet Explorer. Some modern versions of Internet Explorer are less forgiving to older appliances web servers.
  3. With Chrome or Internet Explorer, try using an HTTP connection instead of HTTPS. For example, try using or (these are the default addresses).
  4. Ensure that pop-up blockers are disabled
  5. With Internet Explorer, try adding the management IP Addresses into the Trusted Sites list
  6. With Internet Explorer, try setting the browser security to low or medium low
  7. Again, with Internet Explorer, try adding the sites to the Compatibility view
  8. Lastly, ensure that SSL 3.0 / TLS 1.1 and 1.2 is enabled. The Dothill web interface might not work if the browser tries to use TLS 2.0

Problem 2 - Restoring connectivity to the controllers Management Interface

If you are 100% sure that you do not have a browser problem, and that you are connecting to the correct IP addresses etc., you may need to restart the Management controllers inside the Dothill. Make sure you have tried to connect to both Management controllers first.

Note: If is recommended to perform this procedure during a period of downtime when there is nothing using the associated storage - for example, you have been able to shut down all of the virtual machines. Restarting the management components with the system online can be done in emergency but only if you restart the controllers separately. Ensure the first controller has come back online (i.e. the web interface now works properly) before you restart the second controller.

  1. You will need a Telnet Client (not SSH) - this can be added as a Windows Feature.

  1. Now, open Telnet from an Administrative Command prompt:


  1. You should then be prompted for username and password.
  2. Issue the command restart MC A to restart the first management controller.
  3. Wait for the controller to restart and come back online. Test that web connectivity to it is now possible.
  4. Issue the command restart MC B to restart the second management controller.

Remember: Restarting the management components with the system online can be done in emergency but only if you restart the controllers separately. If you need to restart both controllers at the same time, you can use the restart MC Both command but note that this will result in the controller being inaccessible.

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