How to use the Knowledgebase

25 Jul, 2013

Dear Reader,

Please follow the steps below to make the best use of the Stone Knowledgebase and find the information you need.

If there is something missing that you would like to see added, please contact your account manager.

Kind Regards,

Stone Support

Basic Searches and Browsing

1. Use the search box on the top left to search for products or problems within all categories

2. Expand the menu tree on the left if you want to browse information categories

3. Use the Options button on the right to search within categories.

Opening Articles

1. Click Article links to open a preview of the article. You can then see most of the article content.

2. When you are in the article preview, click the View as Article link to open the article up fully.

3. When you have the full article open you can then look at article attachments, or use more features such as generatinge a PDF version, or emailing a copy to yourself.

Advanced Searches

1. Use the Advanced Search link at the top of the menu tree to get access to the advanced search features.

2. In advanced search, you can still specify keywords, or text, to search by. However using the first drop down box you can specify specific areas to search on, such as all article text, or just article tags. You can also search for content by date.

3. Use the search tips link to perform advanced searches which shows you how to search for some keywords but exclude content that contains other keywords.

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