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Applying, Setting or Enforcing Teams Policies and Other Settings for Microsoft School Data Sync (SDS) Users - Stone STEPER


STEPER is designed to ensure that Teams Policies and user licensing is automatically configured or deployed for new users in your M365 environment. It is designed to be used in conjunction with a manual or automatic data import via Microsoft School Data Sync (SDS) v1.

By default, is it configured to use the standard licensing group and Teams group names as deployed by Stone Computers in the 2020-2021 DFE Schools Deployment, but any names can be used.

It supports applying Teams Policies via Security group memberships, and/or via user property filters.

Download and Manual

The attached downloads include a manual. The software is available without charge.

Latest Version: 1.0.67 as of 13/5/2022

Key Functionality

New Functionality April 22: Now supports using attribute filters from AzureAD or Microsoft Teams; Supports default groups or policies; Supports list of required "or" groups under group requirements

Applying Licensing

Applying Teachers to the All Staff Team

Applying Students to an All Students Unified Group

Setting the Students Department Field

Applying Teachers or Students to different Security Groups

Applying Teachers or Students to different Unified Groups

Applying Teachers or Students to different Distribution Groups

Applying Teams Policies Packages

Applying Teams Policies

Export Information

STEPER ideally uses the following source user groups:

It can filter Students or Teachers in those groups by Username domain i.e.

Note: The software is provided without charge. If you have a support contract from Stone, we can offer you assistance with this software too. If you want to discuss a support contract, please contact your account manager.

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