UEFI PXE Boot Issue When IP Helpers Are Used to Reach a Remote Subnet PXE Server


Stone / Asus Skylake and Kabylake systems with certain BIOS revisions may not be able to be reimaged using a PXE server when the PXE server is on a remote subnet. Typically in this situation your infrastructure uses IP Helpers so that the client PC can reach the PXE server, and does not use DHCP option 67.

When the problem occurs, you can see that an IP address is assigned to the client, but then the PC says "No offer received" in relation to the PXE request.

This issue predominately affects customers using UEFI PXE boot using IPv4.


This issue has been caused by a BIOS problem with some 3xxx BIOS versions on the products listed in the table below.

If you are experiencing these systems, to confirm if you are affected by this issue, test your PXE infrastructure by imaging a different PC that has an unaffected BIOS revision.


Upgrade your system to a later BIOS.

Product Code / General BIOS Update Link Motherboard Model Affected BIOS Versions Resolved in BIOS Version
BOAMOT-481 Asus H110M-D/P 3202 to 3401 incl. 9003
BOAMOT-480 Asus B150M-A 3016 3402
BOAMOT-482 Asus Q170M-C 3203 to 3402 incl. 3404
BOAMOT-483 Asus H110T 3019 to 3402 incl. 9307
BOAMOT-484 Asus Q170T 3202 to 3402 incl. Pending
BOAMOT-485 Asus B150M-A/M.2 3202 to 3401 incl. 3402
BOAMOT-488 Asus B250M-A All up to and incl. 0615 0809
BOAMOT-489 Asus Q270M-C All Pending

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