Why is my Windows 7 System giving me a Secure Boot Violation Error Message?


If you are running Windows 7 and your system uses an Asus motherboard, you may find that your system starts giving you an error message when you boot up, claiming that there is a "Secure Boot Violation".


The cause is a Spring 2016 Windows Update which causes systems that contain Asus motherboards to incorrectly enable Secure Boot. As Secure Boot is not supported by Windows 7, this results in the error message above.

Note: If you have not recently installed Windows Updates on your system, or if you are deploying a brand new system for the first time, you may not be affected by this precise issue. However the instructions below on disabling Secure Boot for Windows 7 still apply.


The resolution depends on whether or not you have a small number of systems affected, or if you are  managing an issue that could potentially affect a large number of systems.

Small Numbers of PCs

To resolve this problem, disable Secure Boot in the BIOS Setup:

​Large Estates of PCs

To prevent this issue becoming a problem with a large number of PCs, consider whether you need to apply the Microsoft Update 3133977 to your Windows 7 systems:

More Information

This problem affects many systems based on Asus motherboards that support Secure Boot. The problem is not limited to systems manufactured by Stone Computers.

​If you are running Windows 8.x1, or Windows 10, you are not affected by this issue, as these operating systems are supported by Secure Boot.

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