Should I Use the Intel / LSI Online RAID Firmware Update Feature?

Updating RAID Controller or Module Firmware through RAID Web Console

If you use the RAID Web Console / MegaRAID Storage Manager software to perform a RAID Controller update, you may be given the option of an online firmware update. This is a new feature that has been made available in RAID Web Console 2 Version 15 and newer.

What Does This Feature Do?

Normally when you flash the firmware through RAID Web Console, the firmware is uploaded to the controller, and then saved into the flash memory. However, the firmware upgrade does not actually take effect until the system is restarted. The online firmware update attempts to restart the controller with the updated firmware without needing to reboot the system.

Is this Recommended?

In most situations, no. This should definitely not be attempted if your operating system is running from the RAID volumes hosted by the controller, or if you have any mission critical system functions hosted by that controller, including virtual machines, backup volumes or file shares. There will be a brief loss of controller access, and Windows Blue-screen crashes have been observed when using the online firmware update feature.

General Guidelines for Updating a System

  1. Uninstall any old RAID Web Console software.
  2. Upgrade the Hardware Driver; ideally with a reboot before proceeding to the next stage, however this is not usually necessary.
  3. Install the latest RAID Web Console software.
  4. Use the latest RAID Web Console to then flash the controller or module firmware.
  5. Do not choose the option of an online firmware update.

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