Importing Foreign RAID Arrays on Intel 12G Hardware RAID Controllers


The new 12-Gbit SAS Hardware RAID Controllers use the new LSI / AVAGO 12Gbit SAS Controller Chipset, the 2308. Cards based on this chipset feature an updated RAID BIOS that reverts to a more text-based layout. The main functionality of the previous RAID Web BIOS is still available, but accessing it is different.

Hint: Cards and modules which use the new chipset require you to press CTRL + R during the system POST process, instead of CTRL + G.

When Do You Need to Import a Foreign Configuration?

A "foreign configuration" situation occurs when the configuration on the RAID controller doesn't match the configuration on the drives. This often happens if the RAID controller has just been replaced, or if the physical drives have been moved from one server to another.

Many controllers with up to date firmware may automatically import foreign drives if there wasn't a configuration previously on the card. If this automatic import doesn't happen, or if your controller has been previously used, you will need to follow the instructions below.

Before you start: If you have just replaced the RAID controller, always upgrade the RAID firmware before connecting the drives and attempting to import the RAID configuration. To upgrade the firmware, you will need the firmware files from the Intel web site and a FAT32 formatted USB pen drive. Upgrade the firmware using the EFI Shell.


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