What is a Dead Screen Pixel? Is it covered under Warranty?

What is a Dead, or Stuck Pixel?

All modern flat panel screens are made up of tiny lit elements known as pixels. These pixels use combinations of red, blue and green light to build images on the screen.

It is a fact of the technology that even despite the highest manufacturing standards, that sometimes it is possible to receive a new screen and have a dead pixel. This could be visible as a pixel that is constantly white, constantly black, or partially stuck - for example, it might be a stuck on as red, blue or green.

Example: The example below shows a dead, or stuck pixel. In this case, the pixel is off, or black.

Example of a Stuck Pixel

What Is the Pixel Policy Standard?

Manufacturers make equipment to an international standard (called ISO 13406-2) so that users receive the experience that they expect. Most equipment that Stone supplies is known as Class II equipment as regards pixel policy. Details of what the policy is are covered below. It is only when you have a number of dead pixels over the amount specified in the table is the product deemed to have fallen short of the standard.

ISO 13406-2 Class II Pixel Policy - How Many Faulty Pixels Can there be?

Class White Pixels Black Pixels R/G/B Pixels W/B Clusters R/G/B Clusters
II - Per Million Pixels 2 2 5 0 2

‚ÄčThese numbers are all per million screen pixels. On a standard 15.6" laptop screen that has a 1366x768 resolution, there are just over one million pixels, so the above numbers apply exactly.

So, am I Covered by Warranty?

Stone is proud to deliver excellent products and customer service, and as such we support our partners and suppliers with this pixel policy. If you receive a product that is outside of this policy please let us know within 30 days so that we can get the unit exchanged under our dead-on-arrival (DOA) facility.

If you have a single black or white stuck pixel, then usually this is not covered. Please do not hesitate to contact our Support team if you are unsure if you are covered or not.

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