How Do I Remove a User's Profile from the PC and the Server?

The User Profile

In some situations it may be necessary to delete a user's network profile. This may be required when the profile has been corrupted. When roaming profiles are used, when a user logs onto a machine, their profile is downloaded from the server to the local machine. This means that when the profile needs to be deleted, it is recommended to delete the profile from the network server and the local machine. Otherwise, on the next login, the user will may be given the cached local copy of the profile and this will be copied back up to the server when the log out.

Deleting the Profile from the Server

The user profile path above shows that the profile is stored on the server "master" and the share name is profile$.

Note: If you have multiple users sharing the same profile, this is likely a mandatory profile and not a roaming profile. You should not need to delete a mandatory profile and should seek further advice if you are experiencing profile corruption.

Deleting the Profile from the User's PC

We recommend that after deleting the profile from the server that you delete the users cached profile on their PC.


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