Acer Aspire Switch10 (SW5-011) Won't Switch on


Sometimes you may find that when you switch on your Acer Aspire Switch10 you get no signs of life, regardless of how long the unit has been on charge or if it is plugged into the mains.


This is caused by the battery being in a state known as deep discharge. The battery is completely exhausted. This may happen if the unit shut down due to the battery being flat, and then either it was not recharged for some time, or attempts were made to turn the unit on whilst the battery was flat.


To restore the unit to working operation, carry out the following:

  1. Plug the tablet into the mains power supply.
  2. Press and hold the Power and Volume UP buttons at the same time. Hold them for between 30-60 seconds.
  3. The unit should now boot normally.

Note: Simply pressing the power button to turn the unit off when you have finished using it does NOT turn the device off. This simply puts it to sleep mode. The battery will continue to drain and can contribute towards this problem occurring. If the unit is not going to be used for some time and is not let on charge, it may be better to shut the unit down. To do this, please draw your finger from the right of the screen to open the charms menu, Select "Settings" (Gear icon near the bottom), then "Power" (Power symbol near the bottom in the middle) then "Shut down".


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