RAID BIOS Simulator for Intel ESRT-2 RAID Systems

Please find below a link to the Intel ESRT-2 RAID BIOS simulator for server systems.

This controller is integrated into a number of onboard SATA or SAS controllers to provide basic RAID functionality. Most implementations of this controller provide basic hardware or firmware assisted RAID.

ESRT-2 RAID should not be confused with RST-e RAID. Intel Rapid Storage Technology - Enterprise - is a software based RAID solution with some additional logic and firmware build into the motherboard PCH chipset and BIOS in most cases.

This utility simulates the RAID BIOS interface a user would normally see when pressing <CTRL><G> or <CTRL><E> (as dependant on model and BIOS message) during POST. It can be used for support or research purposes.

Note: Use the Intel download link to obtain the latest version of this simulator.


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