Using a Laptop in a Domain - Improving the Reliability of Wireless Connections on Windows 7

This article describes some methods to deal with wireless system performance or stability issues of a laptop system when used in a Microsoft Domain.

Problems and Solutions

Please contact Stone support if you need assistance with any of the times above which are not documented in this article.

Disable Wireless LAN Adapter power management

Use this solution to prevent users not being able to log into the domain.

Manual Method

Deployment Method

Use this method to configure lots of machines across your network at the same time.

Note: Bear in mind that the script method also removes the setting from wired LAN adapters. Please test this in your environment before deploying the script out across your machines.

Ensuring that the Wireless Network Profile is Available to All Users

This ensures that the wireless connection is available to Windows before anyone logs on. This setting is worth checking if domain networking works fine over a cable but not over wireless, even though the wireless appears to be working fine if you login as an Administrator.

To check this setting, you need to open up the properties of the wireless network.

Netlogon 5719 Fix

Note: These fixes require thorough testing before deployment. Test them, applying them in one by one in order. Use the minimum number of fixes you can to resolve your issue. Ensure that machines still function appropriately offline, or outside of the network (i.e. at home) as required.

Group Policy

Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Logon > Always wait for the network at computer startup and logon: Enable


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