BOAMOT-467 - Stone / Asus (Q87) CS-B - Wake on LAN (WOL) does not work


Systems based on the Q87 CS-B motherboard (BOAMOT-467) may not give reliable wake on LAN functionality. Wake functionality may only work when the system has been powered down through the operating system (with the AC mains not disconnected from the power supply) or it may not work at all. This is evident on machines shipped up to and including 27/1/2014.

More Details

Wake on LAN functionality is enabled by default in the shipping BIOS of systems supplied by Stone. Wake on LAN should be possible from all of these states:

With the BIOS shipped up to 27/1/2014, this functionality does not work reliably.


The cause is a BIOS glitch which has now been corrected. The problem is caused by problems with the factory BIOS configuration tool rather than with a specific BIOS version.


Work Around 1

Disable and then re-enable Wake on LAN functionality in the BIOS.

To disable:

To enable:


Flash an Updated BIOS

This problem can also be fixed by updating the BIOS to the Stone 1201s BIOS or later, or a later generic Asus BIOS if necessary.

To flash the BIOS:

Tip: Always use Stone Computers official BIOS to prevent your copy of Windows re-requiring activation. This is especially important if you are using a Stone Computers factory image or OEM installation of Windows.

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