Intel DH61WW / Intel DH61CR / Intel DH61DL Recommended BIOS Version

When to Flash

Please only consider flashing this motherboard if you have a specific issue that is resolved by an update, for example the need to support Windows 8.

BIOS 0116 Recommended

The recommended BIOS version for these two motherboards is version 0116. We do not recommend the use of BIOS version 0120, which is the latest available at this time.

Known Problems with BIOS 0120

System Will not accept DMI Programming

Unable to write SMBIOS OEGStone. Can not install the SMBIOS data. IFlash 2.4 build 064. Port mapper table signature not found.

System May not boot from SATA HDD connected to SATA port 1

System not not always boot reliably from the intended boot device, especially if the boot HDD is not connected to SATA port 0.

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BIOS Update Order

Depending on which version of BIOS you have installed you may need to do up to three BIOS flashes to get to version 0116.

Please note: If you are in BIOS version 0040 or below, and 0048 refuses to flash with an "Invalid Header" message, you may need to flash to version 0041 before then going to 0048, although this is not stipulated in the official Intel documentation. Alternatively, perform a recovery flash.

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