What is the ACPI\PNP0A0A Device? Where is the Driver for this?

The Device

The device is a BIOS component found on Asus motherboards to allow Asus utilities and software to communicate with BIOS components. For example, Asus USB 3.0 UASP boosting software may need this device to be working.

Drivers and Software

This device is not installed by using the Intel Chipset Driver software or Intel Management Interface (MEI). To find the drivers for this device, visit the Asus product support page for your product and look for an ACPI Driver under "Utilities".

Alternative Download Location

Please use these alternative download links if required:

Note: If you have downloaded the Stone CC4 driver package for the B85M-E and this device is missing after completing the deployment process, please re-download the package and add the ASMBSW.inf driver from the ACPI folder into your deployment console. The packages were updated on 11/4/14.

Using this Driver With Windows Deployment Services (WDS)

We are aware that this driver may not import into Windows Deployment Services on Windows Server 2008R2 and Server 2012. As a work around, you will either need to install the driver manually into deployed systems, or use WDS to capture and deploy your own Install image which already has the driver included.

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