How to Update the BIOS on the Stone NT310 Laptop

Security Advisory: In May 2017, Intel released details regarding a critical security issue present in some Intel business chipsets. 

The product referenced on this page is impacted by this security issue. Due to the age of the product, a BIOS patch or Management Engine update may not yet be available. Please follow the mitigating actions highlighted here.

How to Update the BIOS on the NT310 Laptop

BIOS Updates are available for the Stone NT310 laptop which add support for Windows 8.1.

Note: Please only update the BIOS if necessary. The BIOS should not be updated unless you are experiencing a specific issue which requires an update. This BIOS update is designed to be used by Administrators. Contact Stone Support for further advice.

What you need to Perform the Update

Windows 8 / 8.1:

Windows 7:


Note 1: Do not attempt to use this BIOS update procedure inside a "DOS" box or command prompt inside another operating system. Always run all parts of the update from a pure DOS boot.

Note 2: Always ensure that the laptop is connected to the mains and that the battery has at least 20% charge before attempting to perform the flash.

As of 11/3/2014, when you have updated the BIOS you will have these new code versions installed:

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