How to View the Hardware Event Log (SEL) whilst VMWare ESXi is Running

The Hardware Event Log

Most modern servers retain hardware events, including informational, warning, and error events, in a dedicated hardware event logging system held on the motherboard. These logs can be useful in troubleshooting problems, such as a flashing hardware health symbol.

With Intel based servers from the 2010 model year and newer, it is possible to retrieve these logs using the following methods:

It is also possible to retrieve a basic hardware event log directly using the VSphere client for servers running the VMWare ESXi Hypervisor. The method to achieve this is below.



Note: Events saved using this method may not be as detailed as obtaining the full SEL using the EFI tool, but it does allow the gathering of diagnostic data without interruption of service. If you are troubleshooting an issue and the guests have already been migrated to other hosts, we recommend you use the opportunity to gather a full hardware SEL log from the EFI (depending upon the model of server).

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