How to Obtain the Serial Number of your Computer

The Serial Number

When logging a support call with Stone Computers Service helpdesk, one of the details that we need to identify the machine is the Serial number.

This is usually found on a silver Stone sticker (underneath the bar code) on the case. For any reason this number has become faded over time due to use, you are able to access it through the command line as below.

How to Retrieve the Serial Number from the Motherboard

These steps are designed for a system administrator, or for customers which have local administrator rights. If you do not have the permissions to add programs or make changes to your system, you may need your administrator to carry out these instructions for you:


This will then query the bios for the system serial number and return it in the command line.

Tip: Alternatively, use the Stone WMI tool to get the serial number as well as other additional BIOS information, including BIOS version and UUID.


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