How to use the DOS based SELVIEWER Tool

The Intel S5000 based servers and workstations do not have an EFI based SELVIEWER tool. If Windows is not running, you need to use the DOS based tool in order to gather the hardware System Event Log (SEL).

1. Download the correct tool - here or here - for your S5000PSL, S5000PAL, or S5000XVN system.

2. Format a USB pen with the FAT32 file system. Make it bootable. To do this you will need a copy of the Windows 98SE boot files and a copy of the USB Format tool here or here (3rd party site).

3. Extract the DOS Selviewer download to the pen drive.

4. Boot the server from the pen drive. If necessary, go into the BIOS using the F2 key, and use the Boot Manager screen to directly boot from the pen drive.

5. When you have the DOS prompt, either run SELVIEW to lauch the GUI (which will allow you to save entries) or type in SELVIEW sn.sel /save to save a copy of the log entries directly to a file.

6. Send a copy of the file to Stone support for analysis.

Note: Use a different filename from SN.SEL, such as the machines actual serial number, if you are dealing with multiple servers. You can examine SEL files by using Wordpad or Notepad to open them.

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